The Delicate Dance of Wants: Embracing the Beauty of the ‘I Wants’ and the ‘I Haves’

Some days, my brain feels like a bustling marketplace, filled with shouts of “I wants”. I want to wake up and whip up a hearty homemade French toast, not just for the kids but for the little child in me who craves it on a weekday. I want to be that early bird who catches the worm, arriving to work with minutes to spare. The irony? I work from home. Yet, sometimes I secretly wish for an outside office, just for the thrill of it, and the chance to breathe in the fresh Ontario morning air.

I want to sip my coffee, enjoying every aromatic note, while my adorable duo, Kodi and Stella, find a cozy spot on my lap. I want to put that meditation app to good use, finding my inner Zen (though let’s be real, it might take some practice). I want to read a book, not just any book, but one that promises to whisk me away, even if just for a few hours.

There’s more. I dream of that supermodel physique while also daydreaming of the next glass of wine, paired with a crunchy bowl of chips. Because who says you can’t indulge every now and then? I want to dial my mom’s number and express my gratitude for every little thing she’s done, the sacrifices, the laughter, the wisdom. And ah, the simple joy of an uninterrupted hot shower or the underrated luxury of, dare I say, a solo trip to the bathroom. But that’s the roller coaster of mom life, filled with its ups, downs, twists, and delightful surprises.

Yet amidst these wishes, I also pause to think of my “I haves”. I have two wonderful kids who, despite their antics, fill my life with immeasurable joy. I have a husband who, with every laugh he induces, reminds me of the lighter side of life. I have my cherished clients in the weight loss program, whose transformations I witness, both inside and out. And then there’s my network of hardworking women, many whom I have coached through the ups and downs of lives each with their stories and struggles, juggling a million tasks. To them, I extend a hand, not just as a friend but as a guide, leading them towards self-care and grace.

In the beautiful chaos of life, it’s essential to recognize that our “I wants” aren’t markers of deficiency. They’re aspirations, dreams, or even just whimsical desires. Embracing the “I haves” does not mean we curb our “I wants”. It just means we dance between the two, understanding that this balance is what makes life, especially mom life, beautifully unpredictable.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a transformational coach, it’s this: give yourself the grace to want, the gratitude to have, and the wisdom to find balance between the two.


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